Commercial and flooring installation


What to know about commercial and residential flooring installations

The process of commercial and residential flooring installations can feel overwhelming, especially if you've never gone through the experience. It's a specialized task that can be very complex, depending on your requirements and preferences, but with the proper preparation, we can simplify the process significantly, even in large spaces. We understand your need for operations consideration and timeliness, so here's what you can expect with a flooring installation service with our company.

Flooring installation process

Regardless of the size of your flooring installation project, it must be a smooth and successful experience, from product selection through installation cleanup. So, the first thing we'll do as a mobile flooring company in Houston, TX, is to prepare your space, including removing furniture, equipment, and old flooring. Next, we'll measure the room so that we can offer an estimate on the precise amount of product to meet your specific budget requirements and flooring needs. Once the old flooring is removed, we'll ensure your subflooring is in good condition and clean, dry, and level. Then, if any repairs need to be done, we'll give you all the details before starting the task. It's essential to ensure a quality subfloor so your chosen floor covering and residential or commercial installation will have the proper foundation and support through the years. One of the most critical parts of a commercial installation is understanding how the service will impact your busy business operation and client base. Planning and scheduling the flooring installation is crucial to allow the process to happen when inconveniences and disruptions are low. That's why it's essential to ensure professional installation services, so you know the exact time frame you'll be working and when the installation will be complete.



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Gayle Floors is a mobile flooring company in Houston, TX, that offers complete satisfaction, no matter your requirements. Our installers are insured and offer warranties on all our services and artistry, with results that meet your needs and manufacturer recommendations. We'll take care of everything when you share your preferences and needs.

Our mobile showroom is based in Houston, TX, and we proudly serve residents in Houston, TX, Katy, TX, Spring, TX, and Sugar Land, TX. You're invited to contact us at your convenience to learn how we can help make your remodeling plans come to life. Reach out anytime to speak with a commercial and residential flooring installation specialist ready to work with you.