Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent remodel choice

Have you been searching for: lvp near me or lvt near me?. Look no further, Gayle Floors has all the luxury vinyl flooring in Houston, TX you need to create the home of your dreams!  

Luxury vinyl flooring is a fantastic materal to upgrade your home with, adding excellent benefits like durability, style, and easy installation. With professional installation, you'll see these floors last over 20 years with the right help for your needs. Here are a few more LVP and LVT flooring facts that could make all the difference for your home, no matter how large or small your remodel is.

What to know about your new luxury vinyl flooring in Houston, TX

LVP and LVT flooring are the best decision for homeowners who want to mimic the look of natural wood, tile, and stone flooring. They also come in different formats, affecting your flooring needs. No matter your flooring remodel size, these products will serve you well for years. These resilient floors offer excellent durability, including scratch, stain, dent, and scuff remodel, for wear resistance, you can trust.

So, if your home is extra busy or has pets, children, or high traffic levels, luxury vinyl flooring in Houston, TX will serve you for years. And many of the durable benefits are customizable, which means they'll cater to your specific requirements. Luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring are also highly stylish, giving you various patterns, textures, designs, and colors to choose from, so we’ll work with you for any result. We can help match any existing décor scheme or help you build one from the ground up for floors that serve you well through the years. You'll even have access to products that cater specifically to your flooring needs. When it's time to clean these floors, you'll find the process is quick and easy. Homeowners appreciate floors that only require sweeping and mopping and never need polishing, waxing, or refinishing. When you're ready to choose your perfect flooring, spend time with our hard-working luxury vinyl flooring professionals.

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We’re here for your luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring needs in the Houston, TX area

Gayle Floors employs trained experts here to help you choose the perfect floors for every room in your home. Our staff is highly knowledgeable, with installation crews that are fully insured and warranty the artistry, ensuring the manufacturer's warranty. Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority, and we offer a year's guarantee on the quality of our installation.

We offer a mobile showroom only, and we're based in Houston, TX. We are happy to offer LVP and LVT to Houston, TX, Katy, TX, Spring, TX, and Sugar Land, TX, and beyond. We save you the hassle and anxiety of luxury vinyl flooring showroom shopping while providing products you can stand on for years. So, shop online and give us a call to speak with our associates.